Hickory Hills Land & Livestock
~Healthy Food for a Healthy Life~


We are a family farm  in the middle of the Loess Hills in Western Iowa.  We strive to promote the health of our family, animals, and the environment in which we live through regenerative and diverse farming practices.  We are members of Practical Farmers of Iowa and in March of 2016 were given the opportunity to be the first farmers for SILT.  We have been growing cover crops since 2007, rotationally grazing our cows since 2008,  and have gradually changed our farming practices with the goal of becoming certified organic.  In July of 2015, our desire to gain more knowledge in regenerative farming practices lead us to an intensive on farm class at Polyface Farms in Virgina with Joel Salatin. The summer of 2016 provided our farm the opportunity to participate in the Living Loess Tour; sharing our knowledge of small farming practices with others.  We have had many hard lessons along the way but are thankful for the blessings from God despite the sharp learning curve.  We hope to share those experiences with others as we  continually learn to become better stewards of the land.